Cholesterol On Fatty Products Reduced After New Law

A Cholesterol for example If we eat a lot of fatty products and especially the bad fats that we are often recommended to reduce we cause damage to the arteries And we favor calcification and cholesterol plaques in them which at a certain moment can be released They are thrombi that go through the circulation and clog certain arteries for example in the brain In any case the deposit of calcium and cholesterol in the arteries also clogs the artery itself be it in the heart brain or legs

RAgainst that healthy living When it comes to combating a stroke we were always very focused on the acute phase that the patient go to the hospital as quickly as possible and that we can offer them treatment because many patients will come out of that treatment well But first proper prevention must be taken into account And this is where everyone counts Before being patients.

we have the obligation to heed recommendations and try to minimize the risk of suffering from vascular disease which is an epidemic We can eat better we can not abuse alcohol do a little physical exercise every day check our blood pressure levels do a blood test from time to time to find out how our cholesterol and sugar levels are That is very important And it is the task of the health system but also of our will

R Obviously and many Also young people who due to their age have not developed risk factors Why There are a number of reasons not the least of which is genetics There are diseases with a very characteristically affected gene with a defined location and genetic mutation But later each of us has a genetic load that we are currently unable to explain If there is a genetic combination that can increase the probability that a person will have a stroke we do not know today But there are more and more publications that are giving us information about certain genes that have a special tendency when they are altered to make that patient more likely to suffer a stroke

A And that is why it is very important to educate the population so that they participate in studies when they are proposed it allows us to obtain a large volume of data that we need to for example develop algorithms that can predict with greater probability which patient is at greater risk of suffering a stroke and prevent it.

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