52 years old chose the specialty of Neurology In Friends

When Dr Mar Castellanos Salamanca 52 years old chose the specialty of Neurology her friends from the degree raised their hands to their heads Why neurologist if neurologists dont cure anything they told me There was the idea of neurology that she made very good diagnoses and named very rare diseases but the rest of the doctors paid little attention to her because it is true little could be done with these diseases Castellanos is coordinator of the Cerebrovascular.

Diseases Study Group of the Spanish Society of Neurology SEN head of the Neurology Service at the A Coruña University Hospital Complex CHUAC and as of this year director of the A Coruña Biomedical Research Institute INIBIC The evolution of neurology in these twenty years has been enormous No one thought this would be so fast But it needed to be this way patients suffering from neurological diseases need a lot of research because unfortunately they suffer from very disabling diseases very deadly and with a lot of suffering before reaching death he says on the phone to EL PAÍS

R And something else there was always the perception that stroke was a disease tremendously linked to age which happened especially to older people and it was a true perception It is not anymore More than 60 of patients who suffer a stroke are under 65 years of age Stroke is no longer a disease of older people and is affecting more people of working age.

This also has very important economic consequences social cost of stroke is estimated at 6000 million euros a year the equivalent of 5 of health spendingCarmen Aleix president of the Spanish Stroke Federation reported in 2015 Not only for the patient himself but also for the patients caregiver who has to end up adapting his life his needs and his economy we are talking about intense care

Lifestyle Poor diet tobacco alcohol to a lesser extent drugs they are extremely dangerous but obviously people consume them less than tobacco or alcohol sedentary lifestyle Of the many problems brought about by the pandemic one of them is obesity in children This obesity is linked to a poor diet and poor physical activity But if prolonged obesity is directly related to the appearance of other risk factors such as high blood pressure and diabetes mellitus some factors are added to others they enhance each other.

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