PP Leaves The Possible Negotiation With Vox In The Hands Of Manueco

No rush or pressure. Both Genoa and the ‘barons’ of the Popular Party (PP) have publicly armored the autonomy of Alfonso Fernández Mañueco to negotiate governability in Castilla y León.

“There will be no photo of Teodoro (García Egea) in Valladolid” , ‘popular’ sources graphically explain, alluding to that image of the secretary general with Javier Ortega Smith , number two of Vox, after the Andalusian elections in 2019. Meanwhile, in the other trench, they persevere in “the right and duty to form a government” of Vox and park, for the moment, the vice presidency of Juan García-Gallardo as the axis of the message.

For the moment, Mañueco tries to curb Vox ‘s claims to have, at least, the same responsibilities as Ciudadanos in the previous legislature and hides behind the status of winner that, unlike in 2019, the PP has after the last elections . In addition, from the party they project the message spread by the party leader, Pablo Casado, this Tuesday: the “principles” are their “conditions”. A starting point with which they reject Vox’s demands such as the repeal of the regional law on gender violence , a legislation assumed by the PP and that they do not intend to change.

“There is one month left” , remember the same party sources, which pave the way for negotiations that may stretch to the point of consuming the deadlines. Some negotiations that do not plan to include any photo of any leader of the national PP to avoid the wear and tear that it could entail.

Mañueco asked for ” serenity and tranquility” to his people in the board of directors that he chaired on Tuesday. However, despite the fact that the socialist candidate, Luis Tudanca , will be the one to open the round of contacts next Monday, the option of an understanding with the PSOE seems totally ruled out.

The ‘popular’ reject outright the offer launched by the Prime Minister this week in the Senate and in Congress, after Mañueco stated that he would probe the socialists and Óscar Puente, mayor of Valladolid, validated this route. The abstention in exchange for the PP breaking “every day” and in “all territories” its relationship with Vox, explaining why it has to do so and that the PP explicitly ask for help have been the conditions launched by the president of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, this Wednesday.

An intolerable crossroads for the ‘popular’, who replicate the pacts of the PSOE with formations ” of the extreme left, independentists and terrorists” , in reference to United We Can,”The PP is not going to stop being the PP as the PSOE has stopped being the PSOE,” they add, adding that the Socialists are not going to give them “lessons in morals.”

For Aznar, Vox is “to the right of the right”
Nor has the former Prime Minister, José María Aznar , wanted to remain outside the legitimacy of the pact with Vox, a party that places ” to the right of the right” . “I don’t see any advantages for Spain in having Le Pen in the government,” Aznar pointed out in relation to the radical right-wing party’s affiliations with the French National Front .

“You can say ‘what a face of a vice president that is being put on this man’. But do you want him to be vice president of something that you want to kill?” Aznar explained, referring to Abascal’s statements on the night of the elections .

Vox keep pressing
And while the debate continues in the PP, Vox maintains its demand to enter the future government of Castilla y León. Through the mouth of its leader, Santiago Abascal, he has cleared any doubt about a possible abstention to facilitate the investiture of Mañueco: they will vote “no” if the ‘popular’ does not agree with them .

That yes, the one that will be the interlocutor of Mañueco in the negotiations, Juan García-Gallardo, lowered the tone in the last hours, assuring to be willing to give in for the benefit of a coalition government. “Agreeing is giving in” , he said, although also defending that Vox voters “are no less than those of Ciudadanos”, recalling that the PP accepted in 2019 the entry into the Board of the ‘oranges’ with almost 15% of the votes.

García-Gallardo clearly differentiates between Mañueco and Casado . The latter, in his opinion, has made a “serious” mistake in closing the door to a possible coalition with Vox in Castilla y León and insisted that his party does not plan to “give away the votes”.

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