Price Of Housing Rises To Double Digits In Huesca And Toledo

The average price of second-hand housing in Spain stood at 1,892 euros/m2 , this translates into a year-on-year rise of 1% in January, marking the fifteenth consecutive rise, since November 2020 (0.7%), according to data from the Fotocasa Real Estate Index. “The price of housing remains stable and starts 2022 with a very measured and healthy figure. We are 36% below the maximum price reached in 2007 and it is a factor that allows us to breathe easy knowing that this further away from a bubble,” says María Matos, Director of Studies and Spokesperson for Fotocasa.

In 35 provincial capitals, the price of second-hand housing has experienced increases above the national average in the last year, including two of them in double digits: Huesca and Toledo . In the Aragonese city, the rebound in January compared to the same month of 2021 is 18.3%, while the monthly variation registers a decrease of 0.7%. Thus, in Huesca the average price of second-hand housing reaches 1,576 euros/m2 .

With rise percentages above 8% are Castellón and Cuenca
For its part, in Toledo second-hand housing has become more expensive by 13.1% in the last year , while in the last month it has fallen by 0.2%, so that the average price in January was in the 1,553 euros/m2. With percentage increases of over 8% are Castellón and Cuenca, followed by provincial capitals such as Pamplona (6.9%), Teruel (6.6%), Málaga (6.3%) and Guadalajara (6%). .

the descents
On the other side of the scale is the city of Jaén, where in the last year the price of second-hand housing has fallen by 6.2% , to an average of 1,253 euros/m2. Thus, it is among the five most affordable capitals in the country, just behind Lleida (1,199 euros/m2), Ávila (1,213 euros/m2), Ciudad Real (1,236 euros/m2) and Huelva (1,239 euros/m2). .

It is followed by the decline of two Canarian cities. In Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, second-hand housing registered a year-on-year drop of 4.8% in the month of January, while in Santa Cruz de Tenerife the drop was 3.5%. Other provincial capitals where the price of housing has fallen in January compared to the same month of the previous year are Barcelona (-2.7%), Zamora (-2.5%) and Palencia (-2.3%) .

Which are the most expensive?
In terms of prices, the most expensive provincial capital is San Sebastián with 5,551 euros/m2 . Barcelona follows with 4,316 euros/m2. Three capitals have an average price above 3,000 euros. These are Madrid (3,923 euros/m2), Bilbao (3,417 euros/m2) and Palma de Mallorca (3,119 euros/m2).

For its part, in a dozen cities the price of second-hand housing is in the range of 2,000 to 3,000 euros , among which are Vitoria (2,653 euros/m2), Cádiz (2,550 euros/m2), Pamplona (2,521 euros/m2) or Malaga (2,471 euros/m2).

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