Real estate loans for police and firefighters already total 133 million

The housing finance program for public safety workers has registered more than 1,500 approved credit applications since November 2021, with 550 contracts signed. According to the Ministry of Justice and Public Security, which implemented Safe Habit, the proposals approved in three months already add up to more than R$133 million in financing and more than R$4 million in subsidies from the National Public Security Fund.

Created by means of Provisional Measure 1,070/21, which should be voted on next week in the Chamber, the program is aimed at police officers, firefighters, prison guards, experts, papilloscopists and municipal guards. To participate, you must have a monthly income of up to R$7,000 and not own a property. Financing can be made for properties worth up to R$ 300 thousand.

“The appreciation of public security professionals is one of the government’s priorities. Habite Seguro is a great delivery of the ministry so that men and women who dedicate their lives to the protection of Brazilians can have decent housing”, says Minister Anderson Torres.Launched in September 2021, Habite Seguro started to be operated by Caixa on November 3 of the same year. Most of the contracts signed are for public security professionals from São Paulo (94), Minas Gerais (93) and Bahia (54).

Among the security forces, the military police appear as the main claimants (385 contracts approved), followed by the military firefighters and civil police, with 51 from each institution.

Through the program, it is possible to finance new or used properties, units of projects financed by Caixa and also the construction of individual properties, including through the Casa Verde e Amarela Program.

To apply for the credit, interested professionals must prove their employment relationship with a public security agency. This proof is carried out through a form issued by the employer, whose model is available on the website, under the option “ How to Join”. Hiring is subject to credit approval.

provisional measure
The rapporteur of the provisional measure that created the housing program, Deputy Coronel Tadeu (PSL-SP), wants to release financing with subsidized interest for security professionals enrolled in credit protection records. The proposal to welcome police officers with a “dirty name” is the result of an amendment by deputy Major Fabiana (PSL-RJ). She claims that the police “live with precarious working conditions” and that indebtedness is very common among the troops.

Coronel Tadeu also wants to increase the maximum remuneration of security professionals entitled to the subsidy from R$7,000 to R$10,000. The text should be analyzed by the plenary of the Chamber next week. Congress has until February 21 to approve the MP. Otherwise, it will lose its validity.

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